We are pleased to offer you gift certificates of various denominations so that you can delight your loved ones and friends with the dishes of our cuisine. You can either purchase a gift certificate yourself in our restaurant, or order its delivery to yourself or those you want to please!

Gift certificates rules:

  • The certificate is valid from the date of issue and until the date indicated on it.
  • The certificate is not refundable or exchangeable for money.
  • A gift certificate can be calculated (partially or completely) only in a restaurant. Shilla.
  • If the amount of your check is more than the face value of the certificate, the difference can be paid in cash.
  • You can use the gift certificate repeatedly until the face value or its expiration date.
  • You must have the certificate with you when visiting Shilla Restaurant.
  • The certificate can only be used to pay for meals and drinks at Shilla Restaurant.

To clarify the information, you can call the number 242-22-20 или +79243369339.