Restaurant SHILLA opened its doors on November 21, 2014.

An entire team from South Korea helped open. After that, two Moon Ik Chung chefs – Chef and Lim Chan Dok began to work hard on the quality and absolutely authentic taste of the dishes offered.

During the work, the restaurant received great popularity among residents and a huge number of guests of Vladivostok. We have the great honor to meet famous people from the world of show business, as well as provide our services at events such as the East Economic Forum.

The staff of the SHILLA restaurant has been preserved from the moment of opening and every day we are getting closer to each other, which means we can be proud of our internal atmosphere, so each guest can feel the warmth, friendly atmosphere and sincere cordiality to everyone who comes to visit us.

Shilla is one of the three ancient Korean states. Its history originates in 57 BC. It was in Shilla that the image of patriotism was born, which later became characteristic of the whole of Korea!

It is curious that according to the legendary founder, that is, the ancestor of the rulers of the state of Shilla, is the mythical character Pak Hyokkose. He was born out of an egg and at the age of thirteen showed unheard-of wisdom. This egg was like a pumpkin, which in those parts of the world is called “Pak” – hence the name given to the founder by those who found and raised a divine child.

Shilla emphasized the development of culture, art, religion, trade and education. The capital of the state, inhabited by more than a million people, became famous due to the architectural features of the royal palaces and Buddhist temples.

Capital Shilla – Sorabol, modern Gyeongju.